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Research projects

  1. Evaluation of the effect of different fertilizer sources on fish production in semi-intensive and multi-species breeding of warm water fish.1996-1997.
  2. Biodiversity study of Macro-benthos in Zayandeh-rood River. 2004-2005.
  3. Use of GIS techniques in environmental studies: Develop database and map for Chaghakhor wetland.2006-2008
  4. Ecological studies of land and wetland habitats of the wildlife protection and Hunting management area of Hanna, Isfahan province (Limnological study of wetland). 2007-2008
  5. Determination of Environmental flow of Gavkhoni wetland, part of Limnological Studies. 2008-2011
  6. The study of water quality of Kamal Saleh Reservoir, using interactions of the aquatic organisms and physicochemical characteristics of water. (part of Limnological Studies). 2014
  7. Determination of Zayandeh-rood and Gawkhoni wetland Water flow.(Biological studies).2015
  8. Limnological study of Rais Ali Delvari reservoir. Employer of regional water organization of Bushehr province. 2016.
  9. Biodiversity monitoring studies of macrobenthos and aquatic macrophytes of the Gavkhoni Basin in order to do comprehensive watershed management of the Gavkhoni Wetland. 2018-2021.
  10. Evaluation of NuBios probiotic effects as a food supplement on growth performance, food consumption, some blood parameters, innate immunity, and intestinal morphology in rainbow trout fry. 2019-2021.
  11. Granted funds for research on “Development biotic indices for the Karun River based on macroinvertebrate and fish communities” from SERI Seed Grant between Switzerland and Iran (2019).

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Research projects | Dr.Eisa Ebrahimi


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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی